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Advanced Course in Gynecological Laparoscopy 2015

April 27th – 29th, May 4th – 6th, June 8th – 10th, June 29th – 01th


ICGON Instituto Clínic de Ginecología, Obstetrícia y Neonatología - Ginecología


A maximum of six participants can join each module and participants can undergo more than one module. Theoretical and practical sessions will be taught in English or Spanish depending on the language of the participants.

Target audience

Participants must be gynecologists with basic experience in gynecological laparoscopy techniques.

Course objectives

• To provide the basic skills required for good progress in clinical laparoscopic practice.
• To describe the technical steps which are used for advanced laparoscopic procedures.
• To describe results and potential complications, and how to prevent and solve them.
• To provide hands-on live animal training session in a female porcine model in experimental lab and surgical procedures in the operating room in order to give participants the technical capacity to improve their skills.

Educational methods

• Interactive theoretical and video sessions between Faculty and course participants.
• Hands-on training on live tissue (female pigs) in experimental lab.
• Surgical procedures in the operating room.


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